The photographer sits on the couch, carrying a professional camera in his hand.

My name is Bruno, and I’m a wedding videographer based in Croatia. I am a self taught videographer that discovered love towards filming in my young skateboarding days. Now, a father, a husband and business owner, I enjoy traveling to Europe’s best wedding destinations and making wedding films for people in love. In my 10 years of experience I have catered everything from small and intimate, to luxury multi-day events.

In the begging of my cinematography journey I  also did a lot of commercial work. From documentaries to music videos, and let me tell you, filming a real time event like wedding, with real people, spontaneous moments, and then having endless possibilities to turn your love story to film is something that I fell in love with.
The challenge of capturing these moments as they unfold, with no room for retakes is something I truly enjoy.

Becoming a parent definitely gave me another perspective and approach to weddings and life in general. Before I was all about that cinematic footage, trying to make your wedding film look like a commercial.

Now I mix those beautiful candid shots with sincere emotions, like laughs, tears and hugs.
Being truly aware that I am documenting your most special day, embracing those small imperfections and blending it all in, is what makes your film unique.

The father, his daughter, and son are looking at the monitor.

Not a lot of people know this, but I got rejected from film school twice! And I just kept on filming. And I’m so glad I did. Looking back on all those wonderful couples I have crossed paths with, all those valuable memories we made together for them and their families. From inquiry emails to becoming friends, it's amazing how some of your special moments became unforgettable for me.

To make sure I can dedicate my time and energy to every couples story, I limit the number of weddings I take on each year. Your film is more than just a project to me, it’s a reflection of my passion, attention to detail, and dedication to telling your story in a way that is both genuine and unforgettable.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me at the beach, or in nature with my family. Just being present and trying to enjoying this gift called life.

Sounds corny but I really believe that. Kids are still small (4&7) so sometimes I need time to take a break from all those questions they have for me :D Playing badminton, watching stand up comedy and riding surf skate (preparing for real waves) is where I charge my life batteries.


The man leaned on the skateboard.
A newlywed couple on the street holding a lot of balloons next to their car.

Try to imagine, watching your wedding video with your kids someday, or even grandkids.
This is something truly special that will gain extreme value with time.

Believe me! I got married 7 years ago, and having that day on film with all my favourite people is one of the most valuable things I own.


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